OKC Streetcar

Role in This Project:

In November 2019, K&J supported EMBARK during the State Safety Oversight Agency audit.

  • We assisted Embark with preparation for State Safety Oversight Agency Audit.
  • Reviewed and commented on several Embark documents.
  • Participate via teleconference for Internal Safety Audits with Kensington.
  • Attended on-site audit with SSOA State of Oklahoma and Contractor (Dovetail) December 3 – 5, 2019.
  • Provided feedback letter report following audit


September/October at the request of EMBARK/OKC Streetcar, K&J in partnership with Kensington Consulting undertook to provide internal safety management audits of the agency-identified areas remaining on the 2019 audit schedule as of October 2019. This task encompassed assessment of the safety compliance of the following elements of the OKCS Safety Plan’s current version:

  • Element 12 Internal Safety Audit
  • Element 6: Safety Risk Management  
  • Element 9: Safety Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Element 5: SMS Implementation
  • Element 7: Safety Assurance
  • Element 8: Safety Certification
  • Element 17: Procurement 


We were asked to assess safety compliance taking into account the future needs of the system by incorporating the upcoming safety management requirements related to federal and state oversight.

A recommended corrective action plan was provided to EMBARK/OKC Streetcar.