Role in This Project:

K & J has been supporting DC Streetcar by providing safety and security certification support services as well as system safety, system security, safety engineering and emergency management consulting services.

2019 – 2022

  • No new projects


1: K&J assisted the DC Streetcar with the Safety and Security Certification Verification Report (SSCVR) for the Car Barn Training Center (CBTC). 

  • Issued the SSCVR.
  • Issued Certification Certificates for the 10 elements.
  • Updated the Streetcar and Alignment TVA.
  • Updated the Streetcar and Alignment OHA’s.
  • Updated the Streetcar SSPP.

Continued to provide support for the updates to:

  • Operational Hazard Analysis for System and CBTC


K&J was instrumental in assisting the DC Streetcar with the opening of their new Car Barn Training Center (CBTC). 

1:  General Transit Safety and Security On-Call Consulting Services:

  • Performed the duties of the System Integration Testing Manager for integrated testing within the car barn. 
  • Revised SSMP
  • Revised SSCP
  • Preformed system wide OHA’s
  • Performed a TVA on the CBTC 2 while under construction
    • Submitted document for review
  • Updated CBTC TVA after building was opened
  • Updated the Streetcar and Alignment TVA
  • Updated the Streetcar and Alignment OHA’s
  • Developing a Hazard Analysis for the Starburst Intersection (13th & H Street) and 3rd Street Station East Bound
  • Performed three Hazard Analyses: Wash Track, CBTC Mezzanine; and Vehicle-Pedestrian Access to Yard and CBTC


2015 – 2016

K&J was instrumental in assisting the DC Streetcar system restart their program by completing complex certification activities.

1:  General Transit Safety & Security On-Call Consulting Services:

  • Interim Chief Safety and Security Officer (CSSO) position filled
  • Develop numerous Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Revise SSMP
  • Revise SSCP
  • Perform OHAs
  • Perform TVA
  • Verification of previous (3) Phases of the project
  • Verification/Certification of Phase 4 of the project
  • Projecting December 15, 2015 to start Pre-Revenue Operations
  • Projecting February 20, 2016 to start Revenue Operations
  • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) 2015
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (H/Benning Segment & CBTC1)


  • CBTC2 Car Barn TVA
  • CBTC2 Developed Operational Hazard Analysis (OHA’s)
  • Facility Emergency Evacuation Plan and Maps