Brightline Florida

2023 Projects

  • Continue to provide safety and security consulting assistance as requested.


  • Risk-Based Grade Crossing Hazard Analysis from Miami to West Palm Beach
    • Developed a risk-based assessment for all grade crossings based on the crossings active and passive treatments and documented operational issues. 
    • Data provided by survey team as well as FRA documentation.
  • Provided safety and security consulting assistance as requested.


K&J Safety and Security Consulting Services, Inc. was engaged by Brightline Florida to assist in completing their System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) as required by the Federal Railroad Administration under 49 CFR Part 270 and conduct a Risk-Based Hazard Analysis (RBHA) for Phase 1, Miami to West Palm Beach and Phase 2 West Palm Beach to Orlando.

  • K&J assisted Brightline with completing their SSPP and obtaining successful review and approval by the FRA.
  • K&J is working with Brightline to complete their RBHA in accordance with the FRA-approved SSPP for Phase 1 and 2.
  • K&J developed an RBHA tool to document the RBHA process and hazard rating index process to support the conclusions.