Ongoing Partnership with MBTA/MassDOT

To further K&J’s ongoing partnership with MassDOT/MBTA, K&J was recently awarded the MBTA’s 5-year On-Call System Safety Services contract for Heavy Rail, Light Rail, Commuter Rail, Bus, and Paratransit.  K&J is providing technical safety expertise and assistance to MBTA’s safety department in the areas of System Safety Engineering, Safety and Security Certification, Project Safety Oversight, Hazard Assessments, Fire/Life Safety, Safety Training, Quality Control processes and safety data improvement, development/enhancement and support administration.  As part of this contract, K&J also provides support to address FTA Safety Management Inspections (SMIs) issued to MBTA. 

K&J Consulting has also been tasked with leading the revitalization, development, and implementation of the Authority’s DHS/TSA-approved security training program for its roughly 10,000 Security Sensitive Employees across all six (6) required modes, which excludes ferry operations: heavy rail, light rail, fixed-route bus, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), commuter rail, and paratransit. The program is 2.5 hours in length and is offered both online and instructor-led in-person by K&J staff. Our hybrid approach has maximized the MBTA’s ability to reach the greatest number of employees while remaining accessible for employees without regular access to a computer or the internet. Doing so allows the MBTA to ensure the one-year training window for current employees is met.

The training broadly covers the following subjects:

  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Notifications
  • Security Awareness
  • Emergency Management Awareness
  • Threat Preparedness and Response
  • Active Shooter
  • IEDs/Suspicious Activity
  • Vehicle Ramming
  • Natural Disasters
  • Conflict De-Escalation
  • Transit Vehicle Emergencies
  • Facility Emergencies
  • Security Sensitive Information
  • Personal Preparedness

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