VRE Fairfax

Role in This Project:

K & J has been supporting VRE by providing safety and security certification support services as well as system safety, system security and safety engineering.

2021-2022 Planned Projects

  • No new projects 



  • Safety Certification of the VRE Crystal City Station – Engineering Design and Environmental Engineering
  • Assisted in the development of Preliminary Hazard Analysis’ (PHA) for Crystal City Station 



  • No new projects 



1: Safety and Security Certification activities for the following VRE projects:

    • Life Cycle Overhaul and Upgrade (LOU) Facility Project – Crossroads Rail Storage Facility
    • Draft Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHAs)
    • Design Criteria Conformance Checklist (DCCC) Development
    • Broadrun Rail Storage Facility, Parking and Station Expansion Project
    • Final Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHAs)
    • Design Criteria Conformance Checklist (DCCC) Development
    • Manassas Station Parking Expansion Project 
      • Draft Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHAs)

2: Safety and Security Certification Training to VRE Project Managers

3: Certification schedule 

4:Lorton Station PHA final acceptance


1:  Updated the system wide Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) 

2:  Developed Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) for a Center Platform at Lorton Station

  • Submitted findings from ADA standards (Section 407), NFPA 130, Virginia State Fire Prevention Code, International Building Code (Section 1007.1 & 1007.2)

3:  Provide preliminary design engineering review comment(s) for shop building project. 



  • No new projects



1:  Update the Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) for the Spotsylvania Station.

2:   Developed Preliminary Hazards (PHA’s) for Spotsylvania Station

3:   Developed Operational Hazards (OHA’s) for Spotsylvania Station

4:   Safety and Security Verification Program

  • Developed Draft Verification Report for the Spotsylvania Station



  1. None



1:  Update the 2010 Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)


2011 – 2012

  • No new projects



1:  Update the 2009 Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)



1:  Updated the 2008 Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)



1:  Performed an Agency Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)