PSTA St. Pete

Role in This Project:

K & J has been supporting PSTA by providing safety and security certification support services as well as system safety, system security, safety engineering, safety and security training, safety auditing and emergency management consulting services.

2022 Projects

  • Developing the hazard analysis and training material for the SunRunner BRT and providing the training for Supervisors and SS&T


  • Developed and completed Bus on Shoulder (BOS) Hazard Analysis for new operations to begin
  • Developed and provided BOS training materials and PPT for supervisors for new operations
  • Developed and provided final document for the SunRunner BRT Operations Training Plan
  • Begin development of Hazard Analysis for SunRunner BRT Operations to be utilized in developing the BRT Training material for operations


  • Completed SMS training, SMS Gap Analysis, SMS Implementation Plan, and PTASP for agency
  • Began developing Operations Training Plan for BRT operations to begin in 2021
  • Began developing training material for Bus on Shoulder (BOS) operations in 2021


1: SMS support services

  • SMS document review and training
  • SMS Gap Analysis
  • SMS Implementation Plan Development
  • SMS Agency Safety Plan (ASP)
  • SMS Documentation Production


  • Updated Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)
  • Updated System Safety Program Plan (SSPP)
  • Updated System Security Plan (SSP)


  • No new projects


1: General Transit Security On-call Consulting Services 

  • Training (To Spot, SSATE, NIMS/ICS)
  • Tabletop Emergency Incident Exercise 
  • Functional Incident Exercise

2014 – 2015

  • No new projects


1:  Conduct and evaluate a tabletop exercise of an incident which will follow the guidelines of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). This exercise is to measure and validate performance of selected capabilities and their associated critical tasks

2:  Develop a multi-year security business plan that will assist PSTA in identifying their mission over the next 3 to 5 years. The goal of the multi-year plan is to collect, coordinate, analyze, and prioritize PSTA’s safety and security program needs on a system-wide basis.


1:  General Transit Security On-Call Consulting Services:

Transit Safety:

  • Management and upkeep of the SSPP as needed
  • Perform internal safety audits per the requirements specified by PSTA
  • Generate and edit safety rules, procedures as needed
  • Respond to FTA and FDOT informational inquiries
  • Provide correspondence as needed
  • Incident investigation and reporting as needed
  • Perform construction safety inspections as needed
  • Perform safety certifications as needed
  • Perform Health and Safety Assessments as needed
  • Accident investigation and reporting and corrective action plans as needed

Transit Security:

  • Updating the Security Emergency Preparedness Plan as needed
  • Management and updating of the System Security Plan as needed
  • Perform Threat and Vulnerability Assessments as needed
  • Respond to FTA, FDOT, DHS, and TSA information inquiries
  • Perform internal security audits per the requirements of PSTA’s security plans

Transit Security Training:

  • Required training classes under FEMA
  • Training classes approved by DHS (refer to DHS matrix)
  • Training to meet the existing emergency contingency plans
  • The date and time of the training will be determined in consultation with PSTA
  • The training will be conducted on a flat rate per class or hourly rate basis
  • The Consultant will provide all needed documentation for the training (syllabus, agenda, class sign in sheet, attendance records, and labor distribution reports for all employees who attended, etc.).

2:  Provide training classes:

  • Security Awareness
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Awareness Training
  • Threat Management and Emergency Response to Bus Hijacking

3:  Developed and delivered a regional emergency preparedness exercise in support of the agencies overall emergency management program.

  • Table Top Exercise in preparation for the Republican National Convention
  • This also included an Improvement Plan conference which encompassed the use of ICS forms and Incident Command

4:  Update was completed for their System Wide Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)

2010 – 2011

1:  Perform a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) on the entire system to include:

  • Security aspects identified
  • Detailed vulnerability findings
  • Risk Rating assignments for each vulnerability with supporting details for each vulnerability when appropriate
  • Detailed remediation steps
  • Executive Summary Report

2:  Update the agency Security Program Plan (SSP):

  • Ensure that the updated plan complies with all Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and State of Florida (FDOT) Chapter 14-90 requirements

3:  Update the agency System Safety Program Plan (SSP):

  • Ensure that the updated plan complies with all Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and State of Florida (FDOT) Chapter 14-90 requirements

4:  Develop an agency wide Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) to include the following:

  • All departments’ preparations, plans and procedures in response to, and recovery from, an incident in which facilities and equipment may have been lost.