PAAC Pittsburgh

Role in This Project:

K&J will continue to assist PAAC with the rollout of the Safety Management System Program, including finalizing their first Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP).

2022 Planned Activities

  • Conduct two PAAC Tabletop exercises for cyber security events.
  • Carry out other tasks as requested by PAAC.


  • Develop PAAC SMS Training Program
  • Conduct PAAC SMS Training for staff and safety committees.
  • Conduct PAAC Tabletop Exercise for a flooding event.
  • Develop PAAC Internal Safety Management Audit program and schedule on a 3-year cycle.


  • PAAC Board awarded K&J a three-year, with two additional years, On-Call Safety Services contract.
  • Assisted PAAC with development and completion of the Multimodal PAAC Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan.
  • K&J staff attended the PAAC required PTSCTP conducted by PennDOT.
  • Received NTP – Develop and Conduct SMS Training for PAAC Staff, including Safety Committees.


  • Prepare PAAC Draft PTASP.
  • Draft Implementation Plan, with Transition Plan Outline. 
  • Conduct PAAC SMS Gap Analysis Review and draft report.