NORTA New Orleans

Role in This Project:

K & J has been supporting NORTA by providing system safety, system security, safety and security training, safety auditing and emergency management consulting services.

2019 – 2022

  • No new projects


1:  Final acceptance to the RTA TVA and Project PHAs

2:  Developed and delivered Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise utilizing HSEEP guidelines. Assisting in Planning Meetings, developed Situation Manual, Slide Presentation and followed up with the After-Action Report

3:  Provided training for NIMS 700 and ICS 100. Developed Slide Presentation and Student Manuals

4:  Developed Multi-Year Training and Exercise Program utilizing FEMA guidelines for HSEEP compliant program


1:  Performed a draft Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) on RTA’s entire system that included the bus, para-transit, streetcar and ferry operations and associated equipment and facilities

2:  Performed a draft Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) for the Streetcar Cemeteries, and Canal Ferry Terminal projects

2006 – 2016

  • No new projects


1:  An emergency policy document that covers NORTA’s in-service transit vehicles (bus and rail) in full compliance with city, state, and federal regulations

2002 – 2004

1:  Emergency incident drills and tabletop exercises in general accordance with the guidelines established by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  Activities included:

  • Developed, organized, and moderated the exercises in conjunction with NORTA’s staff and local emergency response teams (Police dept., Fire dept.).
  • Ensured compliance with all FRA, USDOT, FTA and other applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), State and local ordinances and the transit agency’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensured all hazards associated with the exercise were appropriately identified, addressed and mitigated or eliminated before any persons, agencies or employees of the transit agency participated in the exercises.
  • Ensured all appropriate external agencies/parties were interviewed, received a written invitation, polled to ascertain participation or observation of the exercises and were provided appropriate documentation.
  • Held debriefings with the participants and stakeholders to critique the exercises and identify findings and recommendations to meet all previous requirements.
  • Generated an After-Action Report (AAR).  The AAR was reviewed and approved by the consulting staff and designated NORTA personnel to document the briefing, and were distributed to all parties that NORTA designated for distribution of the report.