METRO St. Louis

Role in This Project:

K & J has been supported METRO by providing system safety, system security, safety engineering safety and security training, safety auditing and emergency management consulting services.

2022 Planned Activities

K&J anticipates continuing its working relationship with BSDA and Kensington Consulting to continue their Internal Safety Auditing (ISA) process.


Continuing at the request of Metro’s (BSDA) Internal Auditor, K&J Consulting, in partnership with Kensington Consulting, conducted Internal Safety Audits for all four components of the Safety Management System under the BSDA Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan. The audit was conducted by the department’s functional roles and responsibilities, focusing on Safety Risk Management and Reduction.


At the request of Metro’s (BSDA) Internal Auditor, K&J Consulting, in partnership with Kensington Consulting, conducted five Internal Safety Audits for elements of Metro’s System Safety Program Plan. The elements audited were:
  • Element 14: Maintenance Audits and Inspection Program
  • Element 15: Facilities and Equipment Inspections
  • Element 16: Training and Certification Program
  • Element 17: Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Requirements
  • Element 18: Hazardous Materials Program
This project task included a review of several documents, preparation for conducting meetings and interview with Metro and field visits at a substation, signal house, Ewing Yard, Ewing Rail Shop, and the Main Facility. A report of findings and recommendations was submitted to Metro (BiState Development Agency) for transmittal to the SSOA.

2006 – 2019

  • No new projects


1:  Developed an emergency management policy document that covers METRO’s in-service transit vehicles (bus and rail) in full compliance with city, state, and federal regulations.

2002 – 2003

1:  Emergency incident drills and tabletop exercises in general accordance with the guidelines established by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
  • Developed, organized, and moderated the exercises in conjunction with METRO staff and local emergency response teams (Police dept., Fire dept.).
  • Ensured compliance with all FRA, USDOT, FTA and other applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), State and local ordinances and the transit agency’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensured all hazards associated with the exercise were appropriately identified, addressed and mitigated or eliminated before any persons, agencies or employees of the transit agency participated in the exercises.
  • Ensured all appropriate external agencies/parties were interviewed, received a written invitation, polled to ascertain participation or observation of the exercises and were provided appropriate documentation.
  • Held debriefings with participants and stakeholders to critique the exercises and identify findings and recommendations to meet all previous requirements.
  • Generated an After-Action Report (AAR).  The AAR was reviewed and approved by the consulting staff and designated METRO personnel to document the briefing, and were distributed to all parties that METRO designated for distribution of the report.