MARTA Atlanta

Role in This Project:

K & J has supported MARTA by providing safety and security certification support services as well as system safety, safety engineering, rules procedures development, safety and security training and safety auditing consulting services.

2008 – 2022

  • No new projects


2005 – 2007

1:  Update Rail Operations SOPs (2005 thru 2007).  Specific procedures include: 

  • RSCC Handover of Duty.
  • Fleet Availability Reports.
  • Pre-Departure.
  • Inspections Access to Voice Data.
  • General Procedures for Train Control Controllers.
  • General Procedures for Supervisory and Control Controllers.
  • Interlocking Failures.
  • Operation of Manual Track Switches.
  • Blue Flag Protection.
  • Third Rail Power Failures & Alarm Conditions.
  • Emergency Removal & Restoration of 3rd Rail Power.
  • General Procedure of Yard Tower Operations.
  • Mainline Service Failures and Recovery.
  • Manual Blocking of Trains.
  • Coupling/Uncoupling of Rail Cars.
  • Severe Weather.
  • RSCC Communications Emergency.
  • Notification & Reporting of Accidents, Incidents And Emergency.
  • Derailment or Collision of Trains.
  • Floods on the Trackway.
  • Smoke or Fire on the Wayside.
  • Smoke and Fire on Adjacent Property.
  • Smoke or Fire on a Train.
  • Smoke or Fire in a Station.
  • Passenger Evacuation from Trains.
  • Passenger Evacuation from Stations.
  • Encroachment on the Wayside.
  • Unauthorized Persons on the Wayside.
  • Persons Hit by Train.
  • Threats and Criminal Acts.
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency.
  • Sick or Injured Persons.
  • Station Passenger Alarms.
  • Investigation or Rail Accidents or Incidents.
  • Supervisory Outage Removal & Restoration of 3rd Rail Power.
  • Equipment Red Tag Outage, Removal & Restoration of 3rd Rail Power.
  • Capital Project Rail Car Testing in Defined Test Areas.
  • Railcar Cleaner Platform Operations Procedure (Armour Yard).
  • Yard Tower Supervisor Workstation Handover (Armour Yard).
  • Armour Yard Tower Console Control Handover to the Rail Service Control Center.
  • Capital Project Rail Car Testing During Revenue Service Operations.

2:  Developed a Security and Emergency Preparedness Program Plan (SEPP). 

3:  Prepared a Safety and Security Certification Plan (SSCP) for the formal certification of the Armour Yard heavy rail maintenance facility.