FBI Quantico

Role in This Project:

K & J has been supporting the FBI by providing professional training and awareness orientation to various transportation modes and the unique equipment associated with them. This training and orientation helped to revise the FBI playbook on “Tubular Assaults” and how agents may have to deal with active shooter scenarios in a transportation environment. Additionally, K & J assets helped with FBI agent orientation to the unique nature of transportation as it relates to the counter terrorism scenario.

2013 – 2022

  • No new projects

2003 – 2012

1:  Transportation consulting in support of counter terrorism training

2:  Transportation consulting in support of counter terrorism training.  K&J has provided technical consulting services to the FBI in support of transportation counterterrorism training and awareness for field agents and special services units.  Additionally, K&J has for over 5 years provided transportation familiarization training on various transportation equipment and operating practices so that if a transportation security incident occurs requiring assistance form the FBI, the SAIC will have the appropriate transportation training to address the situation