CARTA Chattanooga

Role in This Project:

SMS Implementation


  • No activity


  • Developed and presented two (2) 4-hour SMS training program for supervisors, management, and executive leadership on the agency’s new PTASP.
  • K&J completed and submitted the CARTA Implementation Plan.
  • Developed and submitted the CARTA Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan.
  • Developed and conducted SMS and PTASP Training for CARTA staff.



K&J Safety and Security Consulting Services, Inc. is providing technical and subject matter assistance to the Chattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA) for the development of their agency SMS. CARTA is a multimodal transit system that provides bus and paratransit services, in addition to the nation’s only Incline Rail Service. Service include the development of the:

  • SMS Gap Analysis
  • PTASP Transition Plan
  • SMS Implementation Plan (2020)
  • Multimodal Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP)