BART San Francisco

Role in This Project:

K&J Safety and Security Consulting Services, Inc. provided technical support and on-call services to assist the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) with a variety of safety, security, Fire/Life Safety (FLS), emergency management functions, and Safety Management Systems (SMS) functions.

2022 Planned Activities

  • Develop SMS virtual training for BART and provide training sessions as requested.


  • Presented 5 separate thirty-two (32) hour Safety Training Programs for approximately 180 Executive Leaders, Managers, and Senior Employees. 


  • Continued ongoing Fire/Life Safety Technical and On Call support services
  • Completed a Vulnerability assessment for the BART Police Department regarding several marketing requests that presented security risks to the agency
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Training
    • Phase I (through 2020)
    • Developed a thirty-two (32) hour SMS Training Program Package for 350 Managers and Senior Employees. Course Topics include
      • FTA Regulatory Series 670 through 674
      • SSOA (CPUC) Program Standards
      • BART Safety Program Procedures and SMS
        • Safety and Security Certification
        • Accident/Incident Investigation Processes
        • Corrective Action Plan Development
        • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
    • Transitioning from an SSPP to PTASP
    • Safety Management System (SMS)
    • Developing Employee Reporting Programs
    • Hazard Identification
    • Hazard Analysis & Evaluations
    • Safety Risk Mitigation
    • Practical Application of SMS at BART
  • Present, at a minimum, five (5) thirty-two (32) hours Safety Training Program for 150 Executive Leaders, Managers, and Senior Employees.
  • Phase II (commencing 2020)
    • Present, at a minimum, six (6) thirty-two (32) hours Safety Training Program for approximately 180 Executive Leaders, Managers, and Senior Employees. 


  • Fire/Life Safety Technical and On-Call Support
  • Evaluated and provided recommendations to the FLS and emergency evacuation impacts of security/fare-evasion configurations and hardware for station fare gates;
  • Assisted in the review and/or development of new or existing emergency evacuation and egress analysis, 
  • Provided engineering review/comment to evaluate the impacts of modifications to facility infrastructure and systems
  • Conducted facility fire/life safety assessments, inspections, and testing;
  • Served as a liaison between local Fire Marshals, First Responders, and Authority(s) Having Jurisdiction (AHJ);
  • Provided FLS code compliance review support;
  • Assisted in the review and/or development of new or existing fire safety analysis (facility and vehicle), to include the evaluation of material flammability, smoke emission, and toxicity test results;
  • Reviewed various engineering documents to supported comprehensive Safety and Security Certification efforts
  • Supported or perform vehicle or infrastructure accident investigations.
  • Assisted with the preparation and delivery of presentations and reports to the board, FTA, NTSB, and other oversight authorities
  • Supported the development of a formal coordination program with State and Local Emergency Response Agencies and Services;
  • Provided recommendations as to potential improvements in efficiency with respect to certifying structures 
  • Assisted with the development and implementation of Corrective Action Plans.

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