CATS BLE Ribbon Cutting

K & J Consulting has had the absolute pleasure of working with CATS for many years. K & J’s hard work has resulted in the CATS BLE line officially being up and running! After 6 years of hard work by the K & J staff, the CATS Blue Line Extension is officially open and has moved into revenue service. This task would not have been possible without the extraordinary hard work of Mr. Tim Pernie and his amazing leadership and project management skills. K & J would also like to thank James Tucci, Robert Boone, Debra Zielonka, Robert Brinson, Steve Marshall, Steve Safranek, and Justin Tucci for all of their hard work in assisting Mr. Pernie on this project.


Below are a links detailing the work that was put towards completing the Blue Line Extension, as well as discussing the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Also, following this link to experience a visual ride along video provided by CATS!:


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