Role in This Project:

K & J has supported SEPTA by providing system safety, system security, safety engineering, safety and security training, rules/procedures development, safety auditing and emergency management consulting services.



K & J will continue its work with SEPTA on the following tasks:
  • Drafting of SEPTA Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP)
  • Drafting of SEPTA’s Railroad System Safety Program Plan (SSPP), under FRA Rule 49 CFR Part 270
  • Developing a National Incident Management System (NIMS) / Incident Command System (ICS) training program for SEPTA staff and presenting training for up to 500 employees
  • Working with SEPTA to develop and roll-out their Safety Management System (SMS) program.
  • Safety and security certification of the City Hall Station Renovation project.


K & J continued its work with SEPTA, including completion of the Rail Transit Review, of rail training and a Peer-to-Peer Comparison to other representative transit agencies. Reports for this task were provided and accepted by the SEPTA team during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Tasks accomplished in 2018 include:

1. Drafting of a monthly newsletter or brief that provides a snapshot in time of new regulations, proposed notices of rule-making, and transit industry information and articles.

2. Developed Emergency Management Operations Plan (EMOP) which combined their Emergency Operations Plan and Emergency Management Program and utilized updated standards for management of emergencies by transit agencies. Also included an update of their strategic and tactical protocols based on new standards.Delivered draft and awaiting final review from agency personnel.

3. Completed the SEPTA Rail Transit Review, of rail training and a Peer-to-Peer Comparison to other representative transit agencies.

4. Review, analyze, and update of SEPTA’s Roadway Worker Protection Program and Training. Draft training program has been submitted for SEPTA review and comment.

5. Development of a Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Mitigation Training Program providing a master Microsoft PowerPoint, Handout Materials, Examination, and Answer Key package. Followed by conducting two-day training coursed for SEPTA staff.

6. Conducted an “Internal Safety Audit” of several System Safety Program Plan (SSPP):

  • Element 6 Hazard Management
  • Element 11 Emergency Management Program
  • Element 12 Internal Safety Audits
  • Element 19 Hazardous Materials
  • Element 22 Corrective Action Plans.


1: General Transportation Safety Engineering On-Call Consulting Services:
  • Develop various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Develop various program plans (SSMP, SSCP, FRA compliant - SSP – Part 270, FTA – Part 670 SSPP/ASP, COOP, EOP, EMP, ERP, EAP)
    • Developed GAP Analysis of SEPTA’s System Safety Program to develop and draft SEPTA FRA Part 270 compliant System Safety Program Plan (SSPP)
    • Developed GAP Analysis of SEPTA’s System Safety Program to develop and re-draft SEPTA’s FTA required Part 670 System Safety Program
    • Developed GAP Analysis for Emergency Operations Plan and Emergency Management Plan
    • Working on combining Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Emergency Management Plan (EMP)
    • Reviewed SEPTA’s Electrical Practice Procedures for electrical work and pole climbing (metal poles)
    • Drafted Electrical Work Practices Procedures, including a procedure for field work
    • Research new regulations, industry practices, and activities to develop and draft a “Monthly Brief” for SEPTA’s review and distribution
    • Currently conducting a Transit Review of SEPTA’s Training Program for all Rail Transit Modes; including, but not limited to - Student and New Operator, Operator Refresher, Trainer training, Control Center staff, qualifications and experience, Training Delivery, Tenure/Seniority, Benchmarking to transit Industry, Peer to Peer Comparison, Staffing Level, Ratio of Instructor to Student, Supervision, Duration – Classroom, Field, and “In-Seat Operating”, Proficiency, and Efficiency, for each mode of SEPTA’s rail transit
  • Perform various Hazard Analysis (OHAs, PHAs, O&SHAs, SSHAs, SHAs)
  • Certification activities as needed.
  • Support accident/incident investigations as needed


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