Role in This Project:

K & J has supported MARTA by providing safety and security certification support services as well as system safety, safety engineering, rules procedures development, safety and security training and safety auditing consulting services.



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Update Rail Operations SOPs (2005 thru 2007). Specific procedures include:

  • RSCC Handover of Duty.
  • Fleet Availability Reports.
  • Pre-Departure.
  • Inspections Access to Voice Data.
  • General Procedures for Train Control Controllers.
  • General Procedures for Supervisory and Control Controllers.
  • Interlocking Failures.
  • Operation of Manual Track Switches.
  • Blue Flag Protection.
  • Third Rail Power Failures & Alarm Conditions.
  • Emergency Removal & Restoration of 3rd Rail Power.
  • General Procedure of Yard Tower Operations.
  • Mainline Service Failures and Recovery.
  • Manual Blocking of Trains.
  • Coupling/Uncoupling of Rail Cars.
  • Severe Weather.
  • RSCC Communications Emergency.
  • Notification & Reporting of Accidents, Incidents And Emergency.
  • Derailment or Collision of Trains.
  • Floods on the Trackway.
  • Smoke or Fire on the Wayside.
  • Smoke and Fire on Adjacent Property.
  • Smoke or Fire on a Train.
  • Smoke or Fire in a Station.
  • Passenger Evacuation from Trains.
  • Passenger Evacuation from Stations.
  • Encroachment on the Wayside.
  • Unauthorized Persons on the Wayside.
  • Persons Hit by Train.
  • Threats and Criminal Acts.
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency.
  • Sick or Injured Persons.
  • Station Passenger Alarms.
  • Investigation or Rail Accidents or Incidents.
  • Supervisory Outage Removal & Restoration of 3rd Rail Power.
  • Equipment Red Tag Outage, Removal & Restoration of 3rd Rail Power.
  • Capital Project Rail Car Testing in Defined Test Areas.
  • Railcar Cleaner Platform Operations Procedure (Armour Yard).
  • Yard Tower Supervisor Workstation Handover (Armour Yard).
  • Armour Yard Tower Console Control Handover to the Rail Service Control Center.
  • Capital Project Rail Car Testing During Revenue Service Operations.

2. Developed a Security and Emergency Preparedness Program Plan (SEPP).

3. Prepared a Safety and Security Certification Plan (SSCP) for the formal certification of the Armour Yard heavy rail maintenance facility.


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