August 21, 2019

FTA Initiative – An Incident Investigation Manual Under Development for the Transit Industry

In July 2019, K&J, through CUTR with FTA’s guidance and approval, was tasked to develop an industry level Incident Investigation Manual as a guidance document for the State Safety Oversight (SSO) and Transit Agencies use in support of implementing the agency SMS program and Agency Safety Plan (ASP). This initiative was recommended to the CUTR/FTA Research Team by the CUTR/FTA Transit Safety Standards Working Group that has representatives from transit agencies across the United States and transit focused safety consulting firms.
December 26, 2018

MATA Trolley #455

Trolley #455 has finally arrived in Memphis, TN from Gomaco! This will be the fifth trolley that K&J Consulting Services is certifying for the Memphis Main Street trolley line. This project and certifying MATA’s trolleys is a unique experience that K&J Consulting is extremely proud to be a part of!
November 26, 2018

16 Years Business Anniversary

Starting a business is the easy part. Being successful in business is the hard part. November 2018 marks 16 years since K&J Safety and Security Consulting Services, Inc. has been in business! Running a business requires hard work, creativity, and a dedication to something bigger than yourself. K&J Consulting Services is extremely fortunate and grateful to have made it this far in the transit industry. We know that our success would not be possible without our amazing staff – whose dedication and hard work have paved a path in the transit safety and security world!
July 15, 2018

CATS Lighting Assessment

K & J Safety and Security Consulting Services, Inc. completed a detailed photometric / illumination assessment for the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) on its’ LYNX Blue Line Light Rail segment. This assessment included the following: 15 light rail stations, 6 adjoining parking lots, 3 pedestrian bridges, a multi-story parking garage, light rail maintenance facility, and a 1.25-mile-long multi-use trail paralleling the alignment. The K & J team collected photometric data using light meters and deployed a drone to capture night images of all the locations in our assessment.  The utilization of our drone capabilities added an effective visual verification […]